It is very hard to select from so many fine first-wave Christian feminists (and, from my own research interests, it is inevitably largely linked to those also connected with the women’s suffrage struggle in Britain & Ireland):

Josephine Butler
Hatty Baker (& the Church of the New Ideal)
Frances Balfour
Margaret Bondfield
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (US feminists & the Women’s Bible)
R.J.Campbell and Henry Scott Holland
Hugh Chapman
Sir John Cockburn and Vida Goldstein (Australian feminists)
Louise Creighton
Emily Davies
Margaret Llewellyn Davies
Emily Wilding Davison
Charlotte Despard
Millicent Garrett Fawcett
Florence de Fonblanque
Isabella Ford
Eva Gore Booth & Esther Roper
Helen Hanson and Edith Picton Turbervill
Edward Hicks
Claude and Gertrude Hinscliff (Church League for Women’s Suffrage)
Mary Kendall and Gabrielle Jeffrey (Catholic Women’s Suffrage Society)
Florence Nightingale and Beatrice Kent
Alice Kidd
James Keir Hardie, Ethel & Philip Snowden, and George Lansbury
Margaret Wynne Nevinson
Constance Lytton
Emmeline Pankhurst
Christabel Pankhurst
Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence
Ursula Roberts
Olive Schreiner
Kate Sheppard (and New Zealand)
Blanche Smythe-Pigott (United Religious League for Women’s Suffrage)
Helen Sprott and Fred Hankinson
Constance Coltman Todd
Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman
Mildred A.R. Tuker
L.E.Turquand and Jane Strickland
T.J.Walshe and C.A.Wills
Maude Royden

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