Jo Inkpin is (with Penny Jones) one half of an Anglican clergy couple who met one another at theological college – Ripon College, Cuddesdon – in the UK), have been married for over thirty years and ordained for almost as long (with Penny being one of the first women ordained priest in the Diocese of Durham in 1994).  Both of us were very active in the Movement for the Ordination of Women.

We have lived and worked in a wide range of Australian and UK contexts: including in rural and inner urban parishes; theological education; peace, social justice and ecology: spiritual direction, creative liturgy, pilgrimages and retreats; ecumenical and inter-faith ministries.  We now live in Brisbane in south east Queensland and minister in St Francis College. Milton, within the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

Jo is also a transgender female and author of the Trans Spirit Flourishing website

Visit for more information about Jo and for wider discussions.
Recent sermons are also to be found at


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  1. Nick Taylor says:

    Many thanks for your hard work preparing this blog; there’s a lot in it! I have only encountered it today (I was sent a link by my daughter – nice one!) so haven’t yet read it all but will definitely return.

    Like yourselves we were involved in MOW. Looking back now at those days it does look as if The Vote in 1992 was actually only “the end of the beginning” whatever it felt like at the time. Finally those purple tea-towels about “A woman’s place is in the House – of Bishops” may at last come true!

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