logo_pictureThis blog is by way of a thanksgiving for all those Christian feminists who ‘made a track’ to the present.  For these pages were purposely begun on the day (1 March 2014) that the first Australian female diocesan bishop was consecrated, in Grafton NSW, and in the month of the 20th anniversary of the first female priest ordinations in England (on 12 March 1994).  It is thus intended as a tribute to the Spirit and struggle which brought us to this point, and as an inspiration now and in the future for all who struggle for recognition, peace and justice today.  It draws on some of the research conducted by the author for his Ph.D thesis and on the greater work of others who have traced the track made by our forebears.
May we continue to make a track for others to follow and to cross new bridges

This blog will seek to include a daily post each day of Lent 2014 (beginning on 5 March), focusing on one (or possibly more) different first wave Christian feminist(s), exploring the issues faced then and their contemporary challenge today, together with prayers for each day and its theme.  Other posts will explore aspects of Christian feminism, from its origins and first-wave character to later and contemporary features.

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